Frequently asked questions

Why choose goud999safe for the storage of your precious metals?

- Intuitive and user-friendly platform;

- Transparent and highly competitive prices;

- Easy and fast access to your precious metals in a personal and secure account, with real-time valuations and the ability to consult unique serial numbers;  

- No VAT on your purchase, as long as your precious metals remain in storage;

- More than 38.000 purchases have already been made by almost 15.000 satisfied customers (goud999safe/Goud999).

Why purchase precious metals

Precious metals, with gold at the forefront, have been associated with wealth for literally thousands of years.

Moreover, gold is a safe haven during uncertain times, protects against inflation, and is an extremely liquid investment. Since the year 2000, the price of gold has risen by approximately 9% annually.

At goud999safe, we are convinced of the value that physical precious metals offer for both savers and investors. A position in physical precious metal seems to us a logical choice.

Our mission? To make this accessible to everyone under the best conditions.

Years of Expertise: With goud999, we have built up rich experience in trading gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars.

Optimal Tradability: At goud999safe, we store your precious metals in their most liquid form, ensuring their tradability in the future.

Safety First: Storing precious metals oneself comes with risks such as theft and loss. Our experience shows that these risks are often underestimated. Additionally, precious metals stored on one's own are almost impossible to insure.

Guaranteed Authenticity: A lot of 'paper' gold and silver are traded without actual physical backing. In crisis situations, this can lead to losses. Hence, we only offer real, physical precious metals for purchase and sale, while maintaining the option for physical delivery.

Storage and Insurance: Until you decide to keep your precious metals yourself, we offer safe storage and insurance in one of the safest places: Switzerland.

100% allocated!

We understand that you, as the buyer of precious metals, want full transparency and confirmation that the material is actually present. Therefore, all purchased metals will be registered and stored in your name.

Our platform has been designed so that each gram purchased will be assigned a unique serial number.

If enough metal is available after the purchase has been completed, these serial numbers will be generated immediately.

In the event of the need to add new bars to the platform, the numbering is done as soon as possible.

Once the purchase status is "100% allocated", the allocation is final. 

goud999safe has no position in leased precious metals. These will always be the property of the customer after purchase. On the goud999safe platform, you will be the only legal owner of 100% allocated precious metals. 

How can I open an account?

Creating an account is necessary to start buying and selling precious metals online.

At the top of this page, on the right, you can click on the button "register". Feel free to follow our step-by-step guide to create a personal account. 

Need help? Contact us via +32 11 960 400 and/or We are available from Monday to Friday, from 09h00 to 17h00.

What are the storage costs charged by goud999safe?

You can consult our rates here. This lists the most common costs.

The rate for storage covers a.o. following costs:
• The insurance against damage, theft,... of your precious metal stored via goud999safe.
• The rental of the safe locations.
• The manual actions that are necessary for follow-up and control at these safe locations.
• The administration of goud999safe.

Other costs, such as insured transports, are always tailor-made as they are variable. You can always consult your invoices in your personal account. 


Bekijk hier al onze video's. Hieronder zetten we alvast de video's over hoe je edelmetaal kan aankopen en verkopen en waar je je serienummers terug kan vinden.

How can I transfer cash to my account?

As a customer you can make a transfer from your Belgian or Dutch bank account to the client funds account of goud999safe with account number BE25 0019 0320 6482.

If you wish to make a transfer to the client funds account from a bank account other than Belgium or the Netherlands, you must contact us in advance regarding KYC/AML procedures.

Important: always mention your account number with each transfer, together with your name and first name in the communication.

Incoming deposits into the client funds account are processed daily by goud999safe, on average a transfer will be visible as cash in your portfolio one business day after your transfer.

Important note: The client funds account of goud999safe is held with BNP Paribas Belgium.

- If a negative interest rate is charged by the bank, this interest will be settled by goud999safe with the customer's position in cash.

- The credit risk of the client is with BNP Paribas as counterparty regarding the balance in cash.

What happens with the cash position in my account?

If you hold a position in cash after a sale on the platform, you can either request a refund for this position online (which is processed within 2 business days), or hold this position on the platform for the payment of a future purchases.

The cash position in your account serves as a credit secured in your "client funds account" at BNP Paribas (Belgian bank). Negative interests on client funds account can be charged by goud999Safe, pro rata per day.  

How can I get in touch with goud999safe?

You can always contact us via or by phone during office hours, from Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 17h00, on +32 11 960 400.

You can also make an appointment at our office. Contact us in advance via one of the above channels.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

To secure your account even better, we advise installing a multifactor Aunthentication. This authenticator gives you a unique code to fill in when you log in, next to your mail address and password. The unique code is provided by the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device and changes every two minutes.

You can download the Google Authenticator app for free in your App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Andriod). 

Can I cancel my purchase or sale?

Article VI.53 of the Code of Economic Law states that there is no right of withdrawal for the supply or provision of goods and services whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market over which the company has no influence and which may occur within the withdrawal period.

The prices of precious metals are constantly changing. Therefore there is no right of withdrawal. If you wish to cancel an order, goud999Safe will charge a cancellation fee of 5% plus any exchange rate differences.

Kan ik munten kopen bij Goud999safe?

Bij Goud999safe koopt u edelmetaal in verzekerde opslag per gram, gealloceerd te Zürich. Deze edelmetalen worden aangehouden in baarvorm.

Wanneer u munten in goud, zilver of paltina wil aankopen, kan u terecht bij onze collega's van goud999 op

De verzekerde bewaring van munten die u aankoopt op, kan wel door goud999safe verzorgd worden. Telkens u een aankoop doet via, kan u "verzekerde opslag" kiezen als leverwijze. Op die manier verzorgen wij met goud999safe alsnog voor de bewaring. 

Hoe betaal ik de kosten voor bewaring en verzekering?

Elk kwartaal ontvangt u een aanrekening voor de kosten van opslag en verzekering van het fysiek edelmetaal in uw bezit.

Hoe u deze kosten voldoet, kan u zelf kiezen. We zetten de mogelijkheden even op een rijtje:

1. Positie Contant.

Indien u voldoende contant heeft in uw portfolio, wordt de kwartaalkost daarvan afgehouden. Contant is altijd de eerste plaats waar ons platform kijkt, om een kwartaal aanrekening te voldoen.

2. Domiciliëring/automatisch incasso.

Wilt u uw aanrekeningen liefst via een domiciliëring of automatische incasso voldoen? Neem dan contact met ons op via om dit op te starten.

3. Via een keuze bij de Instellingen van uw account, kan u kiezen voor bankoverschrijving OF een automatische gedeeltelijke verkoop van edelmetaal .

Bij de Instellingen in uw account, vindt u helemaal onderaan een keuzemogelijkheid. U kan OFWEL elk kwartaal een rekening ontvangen die u via bankoverschrijving voldoet. OFWEL kiest u voor een automatische verkoop van een klein gedeelte van edelmetaal in uw portfolio, om de kosten van het kwartaal te dekken.

Deze keuze kan u dus zelf instellen en in de toekomst ook nog steeds wijzigen.

How can I have my precious metal delivered?

You can request the delivery of the precious metal that you own and that is kept in your name by goud999safe at any time.

goud999safe will always work with you to find the most advantageous method and provide a specific tailor-made offer to carry out the delivery efficiently.

It is possible that the extradition entails costs that cannot be foreseen in advance. For example, VAT, administrative costs, transport costs or various costs.

Part of these costs are fixed and can be found here.

Do I have to declare my precious metal to the tax authorities?

We recommend that you ask a tax specialist all questions about the tax treatment of precious metals.

Situation 04/2022

If you live in Belgium, you do not have to declare precious metal to the tax authorities as a private individual.

If you live in the Netherlands, you must declare your position in precious metal in "Box3" every year. Do you have precious metal in insured storage at goud999safe? Then we can provide an overview with the value of your positions per 31/12 on simple request.

What happens in case goud999safe goes bankcrupt?

Your stored precious metal will not be affected by a bankruptcy of goud999safe.

All the precious metal in storage, which is not owned by goud999safe, is by definition precious metal owned by our customers. This metal is obviously NOT on the balance sheet of goud999safe (off balance sheet item) and is therefore not impacted in the event of a failure of goud999safe.

How do I interpret the indicative value of my stored precious metals?

Each product's value in your account is calculated based on the financial markets' most recent precious metal prices. As we like to inform you about the value of your stored precious metals, we give you this indication for each product.

How can I make the payment?

You can pay the deposit online with Maestro, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. The remaining balance will be paid by bank transfer.

If you still have a cash position in your personal account, you can also use it to pay for purchases.

Hoe kan ik inloggen met itsme?

Wanneer je ingelogd bent in je account, kan je in de Instellingen je account koppelen met itsme. 

Hoe je dit kan koppelen, zie je in onderstaande video:

Video Hoe kan ik inloggen en itsme koppelen?

itsme is je digitale identiteit waarmee je veilig kan laten weten wie je bent. Het is de manier om je veilig online te identificeren. Meer info kan je hier terugvinden.

Wanneer je account gekoppeld is met itsme, kan je vanaf dan steeds kiezen om via itsme in te loggen. Je kan dan ook nog steeds met je e-mailadres en wachtwoord inloggen.

Hoe claim ik mijn gratis 1 ounce zilver?

Bij een eerste aankoop van minimaal 1000 EUR aan edelmetaal, wordt automatisch een gratis ounce zilver (afgerond tot 32 gram) aan uw account toegevoegd.

Let op:

- Deze toevoeging is een handmatig proces aan onze kant, dus het kan enkele werkdagen duren voordat het in uw account zichtbaar is.
- U hoeft hier zelf niets voor te doen.
- U ontvangt een bericht van ons zodra uw gratis ounce zilver aan uw portfolio is toegevoegd.

Kunnen we u met een vraag over edelmetaal assisteren?